How To Avoid High Costs Of Ballroom Dance Competitions

ballroom dance competitions costs
ballroom dance competitions costs

Ballroom dance competitions costs

Here are some costs associated with ballroom dance competitions:

Ballroom dance competitions costs include the following: dance entries, dance package, instructor fee, traveling fees (hotel, airfare, parking) studio fee, dance costume, hair and makeup…etc. We’ll explain them in details below.

Dance Organizer Fees

Dance entries: Each time you enter the dance floor to dance is called “dance entry”. Organizers charge a fee per dance. The fee varies from $35 to $65 per dance depending on the competition. Do your math: if you dance 10 times that’s at least $350 in dance entries alone. This is the biggest part of ballroom dance competitions costs.

Dance Package: That’s another fee organizers charge. It includes hotels, meals, tickets (entrance to the ballroom. You can choose not to be on any package especially if you’re local, but then you will need tickets to get in, as well as an increase in price per dance entries ($5 to $10) because you’re not on a dance package.

Dance Instructor Fees

Your Instructor: You must be prepared to pay your instructor for partnering with you because he/she won’t be able to teach others while being at a dance competition with you. The cost varies depending on the instructors. Some instructors charge per dance, some per day, some per event. Please note that some events last one day, while other multiple days. This is another expensive part of ballroom dance competitions costs that you cannot avoid.

Dance Studio Fees

Studio Fees: Some dance studios do charge a fee for dancing with their instructor because while away, the instructor cannot teach for the dance studio. Most people don’t understand this fee, so I will explain it clearly. Your instructor Tom works at a local studio (space dance studio for example). Tom normally teach about 8 hours of private dance lessons everyday.

While Tom is away at a dance competition with you, the other students that he normally teaches for the studio won’t have their regular lessons. As a result, the studio will lose income for that day because Tom is not able to teach any other students at the studio. For that reason, the studio is entitled to a fee to compensate for the loss of business for that day due to Tom’s absence from the studio.

ballroom dance competitions costs

Other Costs Related to Dance Competitions

Travel costs: unless it’s a local event, you will need to pay for your traveling as well as your teacher. Note that if the teacher is competing with multiple students, the travel cost is split amongst all students.

Hair and makeup: Your day to day hair and makeup is not enough. You will need professional hair and makeup done by ballroom dance hair and makeup artists. Remember this is a performance day, not a regular one. Make sure to book one weeks in advanced.

Tanning: Most dancers get tanned one or two days before the event so that they look their best. Along with hair and makeup, this will complete the dancer’s look.

Nails: Manicure and pedicure are expected as well to complete the perfect look along with all of the above.

Dance costumes: Dance costumes are one of the most important part of ballroom dance competitions. You should have one dance costume for each dance style. This is another part of ballroom dance competitions costs that can be reduced. SEE BELOW

Dance Shoes: Just like dance costumes, you will need a good dance shoes as well.

Please note that your first competition is usually the most expensive one because you won’t need dance shoes, and costumes again for the next event.

ballroom dance competitions costs


1- Learn how to do your own hair and makeup. There are many instructional videos on Youtube about dancesport hair and makeup.

2- Learn how to do your own tanning –

3- Do your own nails

4- Buy second hand dance costumes instead of brand new ones

5- Compete locally to avoid traveling costs.

Please note that budgeting a dance competition might not enable you to get a full experience of the event.

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