Dancesport Marketing

Dancesport Zone is a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing for ballroom dance studios and ballroom dance competitions. We help you grow your business through online marketing.






1- We promote your ballroom dance event/studio through our website and send you all LEADS. You just have to follow up with them ($25 per month)

2- We promote your dance event/studio via major social medias starting from $450 per campaign. This includes a 30-60 seconds video and Facebook ad, or $600 for 60-120 seconds video, or $800 for 120-180 seconds video.

3- We can can act as an event broker or dancesport concierge on your behalf. We will use our own resources to promote your event, receive dance entries (paid in full) for your dance competition on your behalf, and send them to you for a fee ($5 per entry). NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU. This is one of the best way to received entries from people that event didn’t know about your event in the first place.

Dancesport Entries Concierge

PS: If you would like us to help you with your registration, simply contact us and we’ll be your concierge dancesport at NO COST TO YOU. We’ll fill out the correct form on your behalf, and send your entries to the organizer timely. Forget about all the paperwork, just focus on preparing your students for the event. This is a great service for new instructors that are competing for the first time with students, and are not sure how to properly fill out the forms.

Happy Customers

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

I used to work for a large upscale dance studio in New York and I didn’t have to do any paperwork when it comes to dance competition. The owners and managers would take care of that, and I would just show up and compete with my students. My first time as a freelance dance instructors, I have to admit that I had a hard time doing all the paperwork, and let alone with a deadline. I wish this service was available back then. Now, I just use it so that I don’t have to worry about my paperwork. It’s a no-brainer because it’s completely free for me. It’s like buying a house with the service of a real estate agent, simply put. I love it.

James Garcia

My dance competition went from 1250 entries to 1945 entries using this company for the very first time. I am definitely planning on using them again next year.

Marie Tomasino

As a dance studio owner, I am glad that I am now able to focus of my dance students instead of marketing. This company help me increase the number of my dance students on a regular basic. Before I used them, my dance studio was generating about $65,000 per year, this year we are on track to pass the six figures mark. Their marketing system is one of the best out there for ballroom dance studios.

Edgar Ramison